Our Mission:

Be Committed to Building Nebraska's Economy

The Nebraska Diplomats mission is to help build the Nebraska economy by supporting the Nebraska Department of Economic Development’s efforts to assist the growth and expansion of existing business, attract new business to the State and improve Nebraska’s business climate and competitiveness.


Responsibilities of Nebraska Diplomats

1. Represent the State of Nebraska and personally contact business leaders in order to interest them in establishing or expanding their business in the State of Nebraska.


2. Make myself available to act as host to industrial prospects and special visitors when such people are in the state, and assist to make their visit to Nebraska productive.


3. Make myself available to undertake special assignments in economic development promotion for Nebraska, at my own expense, both within and outside the state.


4. Assume the personal responsibility of making a minimum of three calls on business leaders and entrepreneurs during each year of my appointment.


5. Agree that my appointment as a Nebraska Diplomat shall be for a period of three years. I also agree that reappointment for three more years shall be automatic, unless the Nebraska Diplomat Board of Directors recommends otherwise.


6. Accept the commitment to pay annual dues established by the Nebraska Diplomats Board of Directors.